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Airbnb is the latest to copy Snapchat with ‘Travel Stories’

Airbnb is making its service more social through a Snapchat Stories-like feature that lets you build short presentations using clips shot during your trip. It's available to select users for now, but you can see examples... More>>

The best live TV streaming service: PlayStation Vue, Hulu, Sling TV, and more

There is a long list of live TV streaming services available to help you cut the cord and replace your traditional TV subscription. Each service is different in important ways, and this guide will help you find the best... More>>

From the Roku Ultra to Amazon Fire TV, these are the best streaming devices

There are more options for media streamers than ever, so it’s more difficult to pick the best option. But that’s why we're here. Our curated list of the best streaming devices will get you online in no time. More>>

Get high-end features at a great price with the best TVs under $1,000

Check out our picks for the best TVs under $1,000 to enjoy top-shelf features like 4K Ultra HD, High Dynamic Range, and gorgeous image processing. Park yourself here to find the absolute best value in TV land. More>>

The 10 best soundbars you can buy

You no longer have to sacrifice sound for size when selecting home audio equipment. Check out our picks for the best soundbars, whether you're looking for power, style, or features. More>>

Here’s how to figure out what size TV you should purchase

Here are a few tips for picking what size TV to buy for any situation, including where to find a TV’s measurements, ideal viewing distance, and picture quality vs. size. What do you need to know before buying a TV? this... More>>

The best free-to-play games you can try right now on PC or console

Believe it or not, free-to-play games have evolved into engaging, enjoyable experiences. Here are a few of our favorites that you can play right now, including Warframe and the perennially-popular League of Legends. More>>

LaCie DJI Copilot backs up your photos and videos, without needing a computer

With 2TB of storage, the LaCie DJI Copilot aims to be a high-capacity portable media backup for photographers, videographers, and drone pilots. It’s not exactly fast, but for the right user, it will get the job done More>>

Watchmen: Regina King, Don Johnson, Louis Gossett Jr. and more join HBO reboot

HBO's Watchmen series has been making headlines lately thanks to its new producer and writer Damon Lindelof


Morgan Freeman accused of sexual harassment

Morgan Freeman is the latest powerful man to be accused of sexual harassment


Streaming music is clearly the future. Here’s why that sucks

Spotify and streaming services like Apple Music are taking over. But are we losing something valuable as we shift to on-demand music? Here’s why streaming isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. More>>

The Best recently renewed TV series

As you gear up for the 2018/19 television season and prepare to set your DVRs, we've rounded up the best series returning for another ride, ranging from dramas to comedies, sci-fi epics to thrillers. More>>

Between the Streams podcast

It's Star Wars day on Between the Streams, as we discuss all things Star Wars, from a new Solo clip to the spinoff films we'd love to see made. We'll also talk about Predator news, Celine vs. Deadpool, a Blackhawk film... More>>

5 Reasons why the new Razer Blade looks amazing

Razer introduced a new Blade gaming laptop, and it's a huge step up from the previous version. With a 144 Hz display, some top-of-the-line hardware under the hood, and a modernized design, it's hard not to get excited. More>>

The best headphones you can buy

Trolling the internet for hours to find headphones is no way to live. Instead, leverage our expertise and experience to find the best headphones for you. Here are our 10 favorites. More>>

TV stand buying guide: Here’s everything you need to know

This TV stand buying guide will cover how much space you need for equipment, how the stand manages cables, and the size of the stand you need as you look for a new model that fits in your home. More>>

Subwoofer 101: How To Place and Set Up Your Subwoofer

Integrating a subwoofer into your home theater or stereo drastically improves sound quality, but it can be a real pain. Check out our how-to guide for tips on getting the best possible bass response from your subwoofer. More>>

Facebook and Google racked up $8.8 billion in lawsuits from one day of GDPR

Google and Facebook are facing lawsuits totaling $8.8 billion for violating privacy laws under Europe's GDPR. Additionally, regulators can penalize the company with up to four percent of revenues if the allegations are true. More>>

Bold Samsung ad will make you think your TV has broken down

An innovative Samsung ad airing this weekend will make millions of people think their TV has broken down. It's aimed at highlighting Samsung's new QLED TVs and its Ambient Mode, which helps the display blend into its... More>>

Simon Pegg on humor, horror, a ‘Hot Fuzz’ TV show, and a Tarantino Star Trek

Simon Pegg can make you laugh at the darkest topics, and his new film, Terminal, with Margot Robbie adds to that subversive legacy. Speaking with Digital Trends, he also discusses what a Hot Fuzz TV series would be like,... More>>

TV wall mount buying guide: Everything you need to know

Mounting a TV is not hard, you just need to know what to look for. Thin TV panels look great on the wall and save space, too. We cover what you need to consider when shopping for the perfect TV wall mount in this buying... More>>

From Aaliyah to Garth Brooks, here is the music you can’t find on Spotify

Spotify has every song ever released, right? Wrong. From a beloved country star to the kings of prog rock, we've rounded up the most noteworthy artists (and albums) currently absent from Spotify. More>>

A Boba Fett movie is reportedly on the way with the ‘Logan’ director attached

The Star Wars universe will never stop expanding if Disney and Lucasfilm have anything to say about it. Reports indicate a stand-alone Boba Fett film is currently in the works, with Logan director James Mangold attached.


Trends with Benefits podcast

On today's episode: Google Assistant is now compatible with over 5K devices; Will it top Amazon's Alexa? Also, an Apple Watch helped save a woman's life, Oculus Go may bring inexpensive VR to the masses, and Scientists... More>>

‘Madden NFL 19’ kicks off early on August 10 for PS4 and Xbox One

Madden is arriving a little early this year. Madden NFL 19 launches August 10 on PS4 and Xbox One. Terrell Owens is the cover athlete for the special edition, and changes are coming to franchise mode and Ultimate Team. More>>

Qualcomm expected to reveal Snapdragon chip dedicated to VR, AR next month

Qualcomm is expected to reveal a Snapdragon XR1 chip next week during the Augmented World Expo. It will be optimized for "extended reality" (XR) experiences, which is an umbrella term covering AR, VR, and mixed reality apps. More>>

‘Fortnite’ Playground mode will give players a space to strategize

Fortnite's next limited-time mode, Playground, will let players hone their building and combat skills without the fear of being eliminated from the match. It also sounds like 50v50 could become a permanent fixture in... More>>

How to install an HD antenna so you can start enjoying free television

Today's TV antennas will get you loads of free over-the-air broadcast TV, but setting them up can be a challenge. We walk you through how to install a TV antenna, and give tips on picking the best antenna for your home. More>>

PlayStation Vue: The master guide to Sony’s internet TV service

PlayStation Vue is Sony's answer to live TV without the need for a cable or satellite TV subscription. To help you understand the service, it's plans, and numerous features, we've created this handy guide.


You can now hire a plumber or a cleaner on Facebook via Marketplace

Burned out by Craigslist? Overwhelmed by eBay? Try Facebook instead. In May 2018, the social media site expanded its functionality, and has now dipped its toe into home services through Marketplace. More>>

Pioneer’s new NEX in-dash receivers take CarPlay or Android Auto fully wireless

Pioneer’s new NEX in-dash receivers make using Android Auto or Apple’s CarPlay even easier by letting you connect without even taking your phone out of your pocket, no cable necessary. More>>

Here’s everything you need to know to set up your new TV

This guide tells you everything you need to set up your new TV, from location to HDMI cables to picture settings. Get the right accessories and make the right tweaks to enjoy your new TV to its full potential by learning... More>>

Photo FOMO: Red gets cheaper, Skylum backs A.I., Illustrator teases new tool

In this week's photo industry news, find out why Red is now selling fewer cameras for a lower price. Skylum is now the owner of an A.I.-based app with big plans for batch photo editing. More>>

TV speaker buying guide: Everything you need to know

This TV speaker buying guide clearly sets out your speaker options to boost your TV audio for more explosive sound and clearer dialog. Learn about sound bars, soundbases, powered speakers, and home-theater-in-a-box systems. More>>

‘Game of Thrones’ season 8 is coming! Here’s everything we know so far

With the eighth and final season looming, Game of Thrones fever has officially become a pandemic. Our list of all the relevant news and rumors will help make the wait more bearable -- if you don't mind spoilers.


When is the best time to post on Instagram?

Let's be honest, the majority of us care about the popularity of our Instagram posts. There is a sweet spot, however, if you're looking to boost the number of likes and comments you receive. Here's what you need to know. More>>

Bring your clothes, your boots, and buy this motorcycle from ‘Terminator 2’

The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy ridden by Arnold Schwarrzenegger in Terminator 2 is going up for auction. This is the screen-used bike used in some of the most iconic scenes from the blockbuster Terminator sequel. More>>

‘Stranger Things’ season 3 is coming! Here’s everything we know so far

With a sophomore season as strong as its first, Stranger Things is now moving on to season 3. Here's everything we've learned so far about the Netflix series' upcoming third season. More>>

Acer’s new lineup includes white gaming laptop and Pixelbook-esque Chromebook

The annual Next@Acer press event revealed Acer's updated desktop and laptop portfolio for gamers, pros, and students. The rollout includes the Swift 5 notebook, a desktop packing two GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards, and... More>>

Here’s everything we know about Hideo Kojima’s mysterious ‘Death Stranding’

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has revealed very little about his upcoming game, Death Stranding, but the title's cinematic trailers point to the involvement of some big names. Here is everything we know so far. More>>

Behold the majesty of our world with the best drone photos around

Most of today's drones come equipped with high-end cameras, which are quickly revolutionizing the world of aerial photography as we know it. Here are some of the best drone photos from around the world. More>>

What’s new on Netflix and what’s leaving in June 2018

Our complete list of what's new on Netflix for June 2018 and which titles will be removed will help you catch up on your binging, and also ensure you don't miss any titles heading into the streaming ether. More>>

Nvidia vs. AMD

Despite the launch of AMD's two Vega desktop add-in cards, Team Green still leads the Nvidia vs. AMD battle. We take a look at these cards, the Radeon 500 Series, and pit them against the current crop of GeForce !0 Series... More>>

Matt Groening’s animated fantasy series ‘Disenchantment’ to hit Netflix in August

Matt Groening's new animated series, Disenchantment, is set to arrive on Netflix this summer. The show follows a princess, her personal demon, and their elf friend in a high fantasy setting.


Goodbye, old friend: Online game ‘RuneScape Classic’ to shut down after 17 years

Digital Trends Digital Trends

RuneScape Classic, the original version of the popular MMORPG, will go offline in August


Freefly Movi gimbal is designed for smartphone filmmakers

With the new Movi, Freefly has finally taken its turn at building a consumer-oriented gimbal, and the company’s years of experience building large stabilizers for Hollywood has paid off here. More>>

‘Battlefield V’ uses World War II to make a thoroughly modern video game

‘Battlefield V’ returns to World War II, but that doesn’t mean it’s going back to its roots. The franchise’s latest game will double-down on massive battles while adding a staggering amount of character customization. More>>

‘Battlefield V’ has no expansion packs, and won’t be pay-to-win

Paid expansion packs and the "premium pass" have been staples of the Battlefield series for years, but Electronic Arts and Dice are doing away with them in the upcoming shooter Battlefield V. More>>

Judge rules it’s unconstitutional for Trump to block critics on Twitter

It is a constitutional right to be able to criticize the President of the United States on Twitter without being blocked. A federal court ruled that President Trump's blocking of critics is a violation of the First Amendment. More>>

Watch the ‘Battlefield V’ announcement with Trevor Noah right here

On May 23, Electronic Arts and Dice will reveal their latest shooter, Battlefield V, with the help of comedian and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah. The game is rumored to take place in World War II. More>>

Looking for a drummer that won’t argue with you? Spider-like robot fits the bill

Play, sing, or rap and this oddball robotic creation will accompany you in the background by tapping out a rhythm to augment your jam session. Here's how you can get your hands on a Cabot. More>>

Pop some brews and blast some tunes with Scosche’s new BoomBottle MM speaker

Scosche’s new BoomBottle MM is a twist on the standard Bluetooth speaker format that combines a rugged, waterproof build with handy features you never knew you needed in a portable speaker. More>>

Facebook is busy enhancing two-factor authentication, group tools, and more

Facebook launched several updates today: Enhancing two-factor authentication, adding new Groups admin tools, and more. The security update is the first time Facebook has allowed users to add two-factor authentication... More>>

Comcast once again challenges Disney for 21st Century Fox movie and TV assets

Disney has a $52.4 billion deal in place to acquire valuable assets from 21st Century Fox, including movie properties, a majority stake in Hulu, European broadcaster Sky, and Star India. But once again, Comcast is... More>>

Facebook’s revenge porn prevention tool now includes human review

In an effort to help clamp down on revenge porn, Facebook is working with several nonprofits to test a tool that invites users to upload sensitive images privately to be "hashed" in order to prevent someone from uploading... More>>

The best new music this week: Ty Segall, Fiona Apple, and more

Are you looking for the best new music? Each week, we scour the internet to find the most compelling new songs, sharing which artists, tracks, and albums are worthy of your attention. On tap this week: Ty Segall, Fiona... More>>

‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ review

Solo: A Star Wars Story brings the sci-fi saga's shoot-first smuggler back to his early days for an exciting adventure that answers old questions and poses some new ones


Slim new A/V receivers from Marantz have tiny footprint, come with Alexa onboard

Marantz’s fantastic slim A/V receivers have gotten even better, with two new models that keep the form and function of previous models while adding Amazon Alexa-powered voice control for even easier daily use. More>>

Ryan Reynolds, Michael Bay, Deadpool writers to produce Netflix exclusive film

According to reports, Netflix will be producing an action film starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by Michael Bay. The movie, titled Six Underground, will arrive on Netflix sometime in 2019. More>>

How much is Spotify Premium, and how can you get it at a discount (or for free)?

Having access to millions of songs comes at a price -- albeit, a pretty small one. Before you figure out how much is Spotify Premium going to cost you, you’ll want to see if you qualify for a discounted, or even free,... More>>

PlayStation boss says PS4 is reaching the final phase of its lifecycle

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera said the PlayStation 4 is entering the final phase of its lifecycle. Although the duration of the phase is unclear, Kodera mentioned March 2021 with regard to future growth. More>>

‘Overwatch’ celebrates two-year anniversary with new map, free weekend

To celebrate the two-year anniversary of Overwatch, Blizzard will host an event that introduces a new map as well as Legendary skins. The celebration begins on May 22 and will run through June 11. More>>

Everything to know about Hulu's Catch-22 adaptation

Hulu is adapting Joseph Heller's classic 1961 novel Catch-22 into a limited series and it already sounds like an Emmys front-runner


Everything we know about the new ‘Men in Black’ movie so far

The Men in Black reboot planned for May 2019 is expected to feature an ensemble cast instead of a duo, and while it might not bring back Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, it is expected to feature Chris Hemsworth, Tessa... More>>

‘State of Decay 2’ beginner’s guide: Essential tips you need to survive

© Digital Trends © Digital Trends

Undead Labs' State of Decay 2 might look like an action game at first glance, but its deep survival elements make it much more challenging than something like Dead Rising. Here is how to succeed from the very beginning.


Back to World War II? Next Battlefield game will be revealed on May 23

EA Dice will reveal the next Battlefield game on May 23, according to a teaser site unearthed by Battlefield 1 Easter egg hunters. Reports have suggested that the game will be called Battlefield V and take players back to... More>>

YouTube Red is now YouTube Premium. What is it, and should you subscribe?

Thanks to Google, YouTube Red is now YouTube Premium. We explain what exactly a YouTube Premium subscription gets you, how much it costs, and break down if it's a good choice for you.


Jake Gyllenhaal will play a classic Marvel villain in ‘Spider-Man’ sequel

New information about the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel indicates that the young superhero's next adventure could pit him against a classic Marvel Comics villain and take him out of New York.


The best laptops for programming

Looking for the best laptop for programming? We have a list that focuses on the performance you need. The ingredients include fast SSD storage, large amounts of system memory, and a processor that can handle the job. More>>

Here’s what’s new on HBO in June, and what’s going away

Whether you're a cable lifer or a staunch cord cutter, there's never been a better time to get down with premium TV. Follow us to find out what's new on HBO each month, and what's going away. More>>

Grab the new Pikachu 2DS XL and score a free game and Poké Ball power bank

If you can't get enough Pokémon, this Nintendo 2DS XL deal is for you. This Walmart-exclusive bundle lets you score the new Pikachu-themed 2DS XL, along with a copy of Fire Emblem Warriors and a Poké Ball power bank (a $60... More>>

The best TVs you can buy in 2018

Looking for a new television? In an oversaturated market, buying power is at an all-time high, but you'll need to cut through the rough to find a diamond. We're here to help, though, with our picks for the best TVs of 2018. More>>

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ sets a new opening weekend record at the box office

The biggest movie of all time for Marvel Studios had one of the most successful premieres of all time, with Avengers: Infinity War passing multiple box office milestones on its way to setting a new opening weekend record.


We tried some of the RED Hydrogen One’s crazy tech: Here’s what you need to know

RED, a company known for its high-end cinema cameras, is launching a new phone this summer called the Hydrogen One. It has a display that can show content in 3D -- without the need for 3D glasses -- and it has spatial sound. More>>

How to post GIFs on Instagram

Uploading GIFs to Instagram is not as straightforward as one would like, but there are two options that make it fast and easy. Here's how to post GIFs on Instagram, even if you don't have any photo-editing skills. More>>

JPEG vs. PNG: When and why to use one format over the other

JPEG vs. PNG: Which one is better for your needs? While there’s a lot of math going on behind the scenes, it boils down to a few key differences that make each format better in specific situations. More>>

Paradox announces new sci-fi strategy sim ‘Age of Wonders: Planetfall’

Age of Wonder: Planetfall will let you build a new civilization from the ruins of a ravaged planet after a cosmic dark age in a 4x turn-based strategy game coming next year for consoles and PC from publisher Paradox.


The best new movie trailers: ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp,’ ‘Robin Hood,’ and more

Everyone loves a good trailer, but keeping up with what's new isn't easy. To simplify things, we've rounded up the best new movie trailers and teasers, including the new trailer for Ant-Man and The Wasp. More>>

Best new shows and movies to stream: ‘The Rain,’ ‘Anon,’ “Lady Macbeth,’ and more

Need something to watch this weekend? Check out our list of the best new shows and movies to stream right now. On the list this week: Season 1 of The Rain, Andrew Niccol's Anon, and more. More>>

‘Deadpool 2’ review

Deadpool 2 brings back Ryan Reynolds as mouthy mutant mercenary Wade Wilson, but can a few new mutants and John Wick co-director David Leitch catch R-rated lightning in a bottle a second time?


How to watch Major League Baseball online without cable

Are you looking to keep up with MLB games without having to pay an enormous monthly cable bill? Not only is it easy, but there are more options available than you might have thought.


Owners of Mugshots.com charged with extortion and other crimes

The owners of Mugshots.com have been arrested and charged with money laundering, extortion, and identity theft. Some are hopeful that this will mark the beginning of the end for Mugshots and similar sites. More>>

Ballers and Insecure are back in August

On Thursday, HBO announced premiere dates for returning comedies Insecure and Ballers


2018’S 10 best dating apps to help you find that special someone

Everyone knows online dating can be stressful, time-consuming, and downright awful. Check out our top picks for the best dating apps, so you can streamline the process and find the right date, whatever you're looking for. More>>

Stock your travel bag with these gadgets for gaming on the go

One of the best ways to pass time while at the airport or in flight is relaxing with games. No matter your preferred portable gaming device, there's at least a few essential necessities to keep gaming without hiccups. More>>

Don’t miss a moment! Here’s how to stream today’s British royal wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting married May 19, and shockingly, your invite never arrived! Not to worry! If you have a working internet connection, you can stream the event. Here's how to watch the royal wedding... More>>

The best TV shows going off the air

Sadly, these great television series either won't be back next year or will be ending their runs with their upcoming seasons, as networks and streaming providers prepare for their new primetime lineups. More>>

The 30 best weapons in ‘Destiny 2,’ and where to find them

Bungie's latest shooter has a ton of weapons for players to loot, but with so many options, picking the best for your arsenal can be a bit daunting. Here are the best weapons in 'Destiny 2' so far. More>>

Muppets get raunchy in first NSFW trailer for ‘The Happytime Murders’

Melissa McCarthy is a cop who snorts ecstasy and teams up with a hard-boiled puppet private investigator in the first, raunchy trailer for The Happytime Murders, directed by Brian Henson. More>>

From ‘Anthem’ to ‘Smash Bros. on Switch,’ here are the games coming to E3 2018

E3 2018 is still three months away, but publishers are already talking about a new wave of games with E3 in mind. Here are all the titles we know will be there, what we expect to see, rumors, and more. More>>

8K time-lapse film reveals the surprising beauty and vitality of Death Valley

Two filmmakers have been producing time-lapse videos of all the national parks for the past three years, and Death Valley is the latest to be checked off their list. It’s a breathtaking tour of the park that will leave you... More>>

Kevin Feige confirms that Ms. Marvel is ‘definitely sort of in the works’

The MCU's Kevin Feige has confirmed that the studio is working on Ms. Marvel. As of right now, it's unclear whether or not this means a movie, TV show or something else entirely.


The Backstreet Boys are back, and their new single is … a banger?

The Backstreet Boys have returned with their first new single in five years after a three-day social media countdown, and we've got to admit, the aging boy band has definitely still got it.


Sennheiser’s CX Sport in-ears are tough enough to keep up with your daily run

Sennheiser’s new CX Sport in-ear Bluetooth headphones combine a tough build, lightweight construction, and customizable fit to make sure they can keep up with your fitness regime, no matter how intense it might get. More>>

What to stream the weekend of May 18

Spending the weekend indoors and not sure what to watch? Here's what you should stream this weekend.


The best game console you can buy right now

We've seen a relatively large influx of new consoles in the last year, including the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One X, so we've updated our recommendations for the best dedicated game hardware. More>>

Sling TV: Everything you need to know

Sling TV has grown a great deal since its launch. Now there are more channels and more packages to chose from, with prices to match, and more is being added all the time. Everything you need to know is right here. More>>

The best action movies on Netflix right now (May 2018)

In need of a movie that will really get your adrenaline pumping? Netflix offers a ton of films that fit the bill, along with a few you might want to avoid. Here, we rounded up the best action movies currently streaming on... More>>

Here are the best shows on Amazon Prime right now (May 2018)

Amazon Prime brings more perks than just free two-day shipping. Subscribers get access to a huge library of TV shows to stream at no extra cost. Here are our favorite TV shows currently available on Amazon Prime. More>>

Here are the best movies on Amazon Prime right now (May 2018)

Amazon Prime gives subscribers access to a host of great movies, but sifting through the massive library isn't easy. Lucky for you, we've sorted the wheat from the chaff. Here are the best movies on Amazon Prime right now. More>>

First preproduction units of the Pimax ‘8K’ VR headset to ship to testers in May

The Pimax team updated its Kickstarter post, reporting that preproduction models of its 8K VR headset will ship this month to 10 participants in the closed beta. If approved, the headset will go into production and ship to... More>>

Instagram finally (sort of) gets that share button in the form of stickers

Gotta share that gem you spotted in your Instagram? Now you can, but in Stories. The Instagram share sticker allows users to share feed posts to other users' Stories as a sticker. Don't want your photos shared? There's an... More>>

Here's what's coming to Amazon Prime in June

Clear your schedules, there's a lot of great shows and movies headed to Amazon in June.


As searches surge, smart home automation is now one of Yelp’s fastest growing categories

With quadruple the number of searches for "smart home," home automation has become one of Yelp's fastest growing categories for Home and Local. Yelp recently shared just how many new business listings the category is... More>>

Get your passions roiling with the best romance movies on Netflix

Check out our list of the best romance movies on Netflix. From rom-coms like No Reservations and Bridget Jones's Diary to break-out hits like Blue is the Warmest Color, there are plenty of films to stir your passions. More>>

Kendrick Lamar’s using AR to sell pairs of the new Cortez Kenny on tour

As part of Kendrick Lamar and Top Dawg Entertainment's Championship Tour, Nike plans to use augmented reality via its SNKRS app to enable attendees at designated tour stops to purchase Lamar's latest Nike collaboration,... More>>

Here’s everything we know about ‘It: Chapter 2’ so far

A second film based on Stephen King's novel It hits theaters in September 2019. Here's everything we know about It: Chapter 2, which is set 27 years after the events of 2017's box-office blockbuster, It. More>>

You’re not hearing things: Viral Laurel Yanny debate is an audio brain teaser

What do you hear: Laurel or Yanny? In a debate that's growing to an iconic blue-gold dress scale, a robotic recording has the internet divided. So is it Laurel or Yanny, and why are people hearing different things from the... More>>

Revamped YouTube Music is Google’s latest effort to take on Spotify

With lots of people hitting YouTube for their music fix, it's always felt well placed to build a subscription-based music service. But up to now the company has failed to nail it


For $25K, you can have this Indominus rex head replica from ‘Jurassic World’

The Prop Shop comes from the brand's existing Fanshop store, and it's already fully-stocked with some...interesting paraphernalia. And perhaps the most eye-catching is a giant Indominus Rex replica for $25,000.


Facebook Stories grows up, adds new options, from audio to archiving

Facebook is focusing on the full-screen Stories sharing format with a trio of new features coming to the app. The update is slated to bring audio posts, an archive tool, and an option to shoot now and save later. More>>

Here are the best PlayStation 4 deals and bundles for May 2018

The PlayStation 4 has sold more than 80 million units and built up a fantastic library of third-party games and exclusive titles, so if you're looking to get your game on this summer, then we've got the best PS4 deals and... More>>

‘Shenmue III’ delayed, Shen-moves to a 2019 release window

The long-awaited sequel Shenmue III was scheduled to arrive later this year, but publisher Deep Silver has decided to delay it until 2019. The game was partially funded through a Kickstarter campaign. More>>

Here’s what’s new on Amazon Prime Video in June 2018

Amazon Prime Video adds new titles each month that are available for free to all Prime members. Check out our list to find out all the new content hitting Amazon Prime Video in June 2018, from fresh new comedies to... More>>

How do you re-create the air-ripping launch of 11,000-hp dragsters? Dolby Atmos

Dolby and the NHRA have been working together to produce live drag races in spine-chilling Dolby Atmos. We went behind the scenes at a recent race in Las Vegas to see how it’s done. More>>

Original ‘Zombieland’ cast buckles in for 10th-anniversary sequel

Zombieland co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have big plans for the comedy-horror film's 10-year anniversary -- one that includes a much-anticipated sequel and the original cast. More>>

The best comedies on Netflix right now (May 2018)

Looking for a laugh? Lucky for you, Netflix offers an assortment of comedies, each designed to elicit a laugh in one way or another. Here are our current favorites, from 'Heathers' to 'Moonrise Kingdom.' More>>

‘Metro: Exodus’: News, rumors, and everything we know

Metro: Exodus, the sequel to first-person shooter Metro: Last Light, takes players across the nuclear wasteland. Here's everything we know so far, from the story and setting to its emphasis on open-world gameplay. More>>

Sony will soon stop making physical cartridges for the PlayStation Vita

Sony has revealed that it plans to stop manufacturing physical PlayStation Vita cartridges. Digital games will still be available on the system, which Sony all but abandoned several years ago. More>>

Here everything we know about ‘Mission: Impossible — Fallout’ so far

Tom Cruise will return as secret agent Ethan Hunt for the sixth installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise. Here's everything we know about Mission: Impossible -- Fallout before it hits theaters in July 2018. More>>

Here’s our take on the best camera bags for every budget

A camera is an investment worth protecting. That's why we've rounded up the best camera bags. Whether you need a rugged backpack to take into the backcountry or a leather messenger that's as luxurious as it is capable,... More>>

Here are the best free music download sites that are totally legal

Finding music that is both free and legal to download can be difficult. We've handpicked a selection of the best free music download sites for you to legally download your next favorite album. More>>

Here’s everything we know about ‘The Batman’ movie so far

Warner Bros. Pictures is giving DC Comics' Dark Knight another solo adventure on the big screen (his first since the conclusion of the Dark Knight trilogy). Here's everything we know about the studio's upcoming The Batman.


‘Doom’ creator John Carmack reminisces about working with Steve Jobs

In a long Facebook post, Doom creator John Carmack discussed what it was like working with Steve Jobs. Prickly Jobs anecdotes aside, Carmack's experience reminds that Job could be receptive of great ideas.


More danger, Will Robinson: Netflix renews ‘Lost in Space’ for a second season

Netflix's Lost in Space reboot series debuted in early April to massive success. Now, the popular sci-fi show has been officially renewed for a second season. More danger, Will Robinson.


Addicted to Instagram? The app may soon tell you about it

Lose track of time when you're on Instagram? Well, you may soon have a way to learn more about precisely how long you spend on the app, though it doesn't go as far as YouTube's new feature, which prompts you to take a break. More>>

The best shows on Netflix right now (May 2018)

Looking for a new show to binge? Lucky for you, we've curated a list of the best shows on Netflix, whether you're a fan of outlandish anime, dramatic period pieces, or shows that leave you questioning what lies beyond. More>>

Here are the best movies on Netflix right now (May 2018)

Save yourself from hours wasted scrolling through Netflix's massive library by checking out our picks for the streamer's best movies available right now, whether you're into explosive action, subdued humor, or anything in... More>>

These are the best horror movies on Netflix in May 2018

There's no need to scour the entire Netflix catalog for the hits. We've compiled a list of the best horror movies on Netflix, whether you're into modern monsters or classic scares. More>>

How to cancel Amazon Prime

Don't be intimidated. Learning how to cancel Amazon Prime is easier than you might think. You might even get a partial or full refund on the cost, depending on how much you've used it. Check out our quick-hit guide for... More>>

When you can’t take the studio with you, Alfred AI fixes bad lighting on phone photos

Can't fit studio lighting gear in your pocket? Relonch Alfred is an AI-powered app that helps correct bad lighting in smartphone shots by automatically making localized adjustments based on exposure and color maps of the... More>>

The best dash cams

Dashboard cameras assist drivers in car accident claims, settle speeding ticket disputes, and even catch glimpses of incoming meteors, among other things. Check out our picks for the best dash cams available. More>>

Margot Kidder, Superman's Lois Lane, dies at 69

Margot Kidder, best known for playing Lois Lane opposite Christopher Reeve's Clark Kent in the popular Superman films of the 1970s and '80s, died Sunday, May 13 in Montana.


Guillermo del Toro is doing a horror anthology for Netflix

If you were Guillermo del Toro and you were coming off a Best Picture Oscar and the world was your sexy oyster, what would be the first thing you do? 


HP’s Envy Curved AIOs sport a six-core CPU, Nvidia graphics, and maybe Alexa

HP's huge assortment of new devices include Envy all-in-one curved PCs with six-core Intel Core processors and discrete GeForce GTX 1050 graphics. They're also supposedly the first AIO PCs to support the new Amazon Alexa app. More>>

Text away: 20 free texting games you can play with your friends

If you believe we live in an interconnected world where everyone has a smartphone, you may need to think again. Here are our picks for the best texting games, so you can make the most fun out of that limited data plan or... More>>

The 20 best Xbox One games you can play right now

More than four years into its lifespan, Microsoft's latest console is finally coming into its own. From 'Cuphead' to 'Middle-Earth: Shadow of War,' the best Xbox One games offer something for everyone. More>>

The 20 best PS4 games you can buy right now

Looking for the best PS4 games out there? Out of the massive crop of titles available, we selected the best you should buy. No matter what your genre of choice may be, there's something here for you. More>>

How Much does Netflix cost? A pricing breakdown of Netflix plans

Wondering how much a Netflix subscription costs? You're not the only one. That is why we put together a quick-hit guide covering all the Netflix plans, whether you want to opt for 4K streaming or a disc-based option. More>>

How to take better pictures when you know nothing about photography

Have no idea what exposure or bokeh is? You can learn basic photo tips without the confusing terms. Learn how to take better pictures with this plain-English guide, even if you just have a smartphone. More>>

‘Bad Boys 3’: ‘Bad Boys for Life’ moves another step forward with release date

Bad Boys 3 -- also known as Bad Boys for Life -- looks closer to becoming a reality. Sony has set a new release date and plot details have begun to emerge


New Adobe XD Starter Plan opens user experience design to all

The Adobe XD CC Starter Plan is a free version of the company's popular user experience design software. Made for students, beginners, or non-designers that are collaborating on a team project, it makes UX design more... More>>

Josh Brolin doesn’t approve of Thanos dancing after ‘Fortnite’ kills

Actor Josh Brolin reacted to Thanos' appearance in Fortnite in a hilarious video. It turns out Brolin had no knowledge of the crossover event, nor has he been swept up by the Fortnite craze himself. More>>

How to tackle street photography? First, lay off the excuses

Most street photographers lose the motivation at one time or another, and find excuses to leave the camera in the closet. Here are 7 common excuses not to shoot the street, and how you can overcome them. More>>

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 is first fully analog camera for film format

Fujifilm's Instax Square family just gained its first fully analog member. The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 is the company's first fully analog film camera for the square film format. More>>

Capture all the action in HD with these great, affordable GoPro deals

GoPro is still the king of action cams, but they can be expensive. If you're in the market for one of these awesome wearable cameras, worry not: We've got the best cheap GoPro deals for May 2018 right here. More>>

Six of the best Festival-approved movies and TV shows to stream this year

The 2018 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City curated a slate of dozens of great TV shows and films you might not know about if you weren't at the festival. That's why we compiled six of the best from the festival that... More>>

Here’s how to cancel your Apple Music subscription

Whether you're trying to save money or are moving to a different music streaming provider, sometimes it makes sense to cancel your Apple Music subscription. Here's how to cancel the service on your iPhone, iPad, or Android... More>>

How to master your equalizer settings for the perfect sound

You may know what an EQ is, but do you know how to adjust equalizer settings for the best possible sound? We go through the basics of the modern EQ and lay out some guidelines for how to achieve tip-top sound from your... More>>

Director Ron Howard is hoping to make a sequel to ‘Williow’

One of Ron Howard's earliest films was a collaboration with George Lucas for an epic fantasy adventure, and now he says he'd like to return to the world created in Willow. Our only question is, what took you so long?


Netflix Recommended TVs: What does it mean, and why do you want one?

Netflix Recommended TVs will have faster startup and playback. Our guide gives a quick breakdown of Netflix's criteria for recommending TVs and explain what this means for you. More>>

Yamaha’s new Aventage RX-A 80 Series A/V receivers are its smartest yet

Yamaha’s new Aventage RX-A 80 series of A/V receivers aims to make your home surround sound setup easy to use by using artificial intelligence to automatically adjust audio levels on the fly. More>>

The best accessories to pick up for your Nintendo Switch

The Switch is a capable console right out of the box, but it has its limitations. Thankfully, these Nintendo Switch accessories will allow you to make the most of Nintendo's latest console. More>>

Netflix lands horror anthology series from Oscar-winner Guillermo del Toro

After earning the Oscar for Best Director (The Shape of Water), acclaimed filmmaker and monster architect Guillermo del Toro will develop a horror anthology series exclusively for Netflix. More>>

Pick up a discounted Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Labo with these promo codes

Looking for discounts on Nintendo products? From now until May 12, you can pick up a Nintendo Switch for just $280 or grab Nintendo Labo kits for $55 each. We've got all of the promo codes you need right here. More>>

E3 2018 press conference schedule: When to tune in for every major game reveal

E3 2018 will feature press conferences from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Bethesda, Ubisoft, EA, and Square Enix. Here's a breakdown of the schedule, as well as what to expect from each conference. More>>

Tell Alexa to skip the commercial and your TiVo will make it happen

Shouting at your TV just became a whole lot more rewarding thanks to a new Alexa skill that lets you issue voice commands to control your TiVo DVR. Could a Google Home integration be on the horizon? More>>

Bethesda’s ‘Rage 2’ officially announced, gameplay coming May 15

A teaser trailer for the unannounced post-apocalyptic shooter Rage 2 has been released. The live-action footage is set to Andrew W.K.'s "Ready to Die" and gives us a taste of the game's world. More>>

NES Classic Edition finds an extra life, returns to stores in June

Nintendo is bringing its plug-and-play NES Classic system back this June. The system includes classic games from Nintendo and third-party developers, and it will remain available for the rest of the year. More>>

Facebook bans 200 apps following audit as Cambridge Analytica scandal grows

Facebook is sharing several changes to how third-party apps access data as the platform ups the estimate of users impacted by Cambridge Analytica. It has also banned 200 apps following an app audit. More>>

Nikon restructuring yields profit, expect more high-end cameras to follow

Nikon posted a profit increase, suggesting the restructuring and focus on high-end cameras is stabilizing the company. With that success, Nikon will continue to focus on advanced cameras and meet customer demands. More>>

Less than 10 percent of Twitter users questioned fake news, study suggests

A new study from the University of Buffalo suggests less than ten percent of the users that interact with a rumor question the Tweet's accuracy. The study looked at 20,000 tweets on four rumors. More>>

Jon Favreau reveals the setting of Disney’s live-action Star Wars series

A live-action Star Wars series from Iron Man and The Jungle Book director Jon Favreau is headed to Disney's streaming service, and now we know when the show will be set in the sci-fi saga's timeline.


Snap to it: 8 last-minute photography gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Still looking for the perfect gift for Mother's Day? If mom is a fan of photography or a photographer herself, we have some recommendations, including a portable printer, camera strap, leather bag, and smartphone lens. More>>

‘Destiny 2: Warmind’ Worldline Zero Exotic sword guide

Hidden in the second expansion for Destiny 2, titled Warmind, are 45 colored items known as test nodes. Finding and destroying them unlocks one of the expansion's greatest weapons, the Worldline Zero Exotic sword, and one... More>>

Strong, caring, and not afraid to kick some butt: Here are TV’s most badass moms

In celebration of Mother's Day, here is our list of some of the most badass moms on TV today, who fiercely fight off everything from demons to zombies, societal threats, and more to protect their kids. More>>

‘Destiny 2: Warmind’ — How to get Sleeper Simulant

The Sleeper Simulant is one of the coolest new Exotic weapons you can unlock in the Warmind expansion of Destiny 2, but it's an involved process that will take awhile. Here's everything you need to know. More>>

Kids growing too fast? How to photograph kids before moment is gone

Kids create photo-worthy moments -- but their non-stop movement also makes it pretty hard if you don't learn how to take kids photos. Learn how to take better photos of your own kids, with any camera. More>>

Get your Sagan on with 60 awe-inspiring photos of the final frontier

Few things instill a sense of wonder quite like the final frontier. The best space photos show off the beauty of Earth, our solar system, and the far corners of the universe. Here are our current favorites. More>>

Netflix to stream upcoming SCTV reunion special, and Rick Moranis signs on

Netflix has been tapped to serve as the exclusive streaming provider of the upcoming SCTV reunion special, which includes many returning cast members, with the most recent to sign on being Rick Moranis. More>>

NBC picks up Fox’s ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ a day after its cancellation

NBC has officially announced that it will be renewing Brooklyn Nine-Nine following Fox's decision to cancel the series. The network has ordered a 13-episode sixth season of the Golden Globe-winning comedy. More>>

5 Things Google’s Pixel Buds 2 need to outdo Apple’s AirPods

That Google is all but certainly working on a second generation of its failed Pixel Buds doesn’t come as a surprise, but the company faces an uphill battle. Here are five things the company must do to make the Pixel Buds 2... More>>

Who’s next? As it snubs R. Kelly, Spotify opens a moral can of worms

Spotify introduced a new Hate Content & Hateful Conduct Policy, removing R. Kelly and XXXTentacion from its curated and algorithmic playlists. Is it justified? And how does this decision impact the streaming industry at... More>>

Check out the best Xbox One deals and bundles for May 2018

Microsoft's latest consoles are just as capable of streaming media as they are of tackling the most recent AAA games. Check out our top Xbox One deals and bundles, which include some awesome games and can also save you... More>>

World domination, phase two: Facebook ponders its own cryptocurrency

After forming a team dedicated to blockchain technologies, Facebook is reportedly jumping into cryptocurrency with both feet. Anonymous sources report the social media giant is considering the release of its own virtual... More>>

Most excellent! Bill and Ted to ‘Face the Music’ as sequel begins pre-production

The third installment of the Bill and Ted franchise will be titled Bill and Ted Face the Music, according to the film's cast and creative team, and it's officially in pre-production.


Sony says its E3 press conference will focus in on four games

SIE Worldwide Studios chairman Shawn Layden has revealed that Sony's E3 press conference will focus on four previously announced games, including The Last of Us: Part II and Death Stranding. More>>

‘Rage 2’ is all the rage on Twitter; announcement appears imminent

Over the past couple of days, Bethesda has dropped several hints about a follow-up to its 2011 open-world shooter Rage. The latest hints suggest the studio is planning an announcement on May 14. More>>

‘Baby Driver’ actress joins Fassbender, Schwarzenegger in ‘Kung Fury’ sequel

Got a soft spot for '80s camp? Cult sensation 'Kung Fury' is apparently getting a full-length sequel, and get this: Eiza González just joined Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Hasselhoff, and Michael Fassbender in the cast.


All Xbox One and PC games can now be gifted on the Microsoft store

Microsoft has significantly expanded its digital gifting program on Xbox One, allowing players to send all paid games to their friends. All PC games available on the Microsoft Store can also be sent. More>>

Electronic Arts is taking its time with ‘Anthem,’ reveals potential launch

Electronic Arts said it expects BioWare's open-world online action game Anthem to launch at the tail end of the fiscal year of 2019. The game was previously pushed from a 2018 window.


Panasonic Lumix TS7 dives deeper with 4K, more megapixels, and a viewfinder

Panasonic's compact camera line is sporting a new design -- and it's not just for looks. The new Panasonic Lumix TS7 has a built-in viewfinder and deep 102-foot underwater rating, while enhancing the sensor and adding 4K... More>>

Playing ‘The Sims’ in the harsh light of adulthood

Playing 'The Sims' in high school was a fun way to speculate about adult life. Going back now is a depressing exercise in self-reflection. More>>

Here’s what Google Lens’ Style Match, Smart Text Selection features look like

Google announced four new improvements to Google Lens, but the key is that the technology is going to be built into the camera apps on phones from several other manufacturers such as LG, Sony, and OnePlus. More>>

Nintendo’s Miitomo app shuts down two years after its launch

Nintendo has shut down Miitomo, its debut smartphone app that launched two years ago. The company released the final winners of its "Miifoto" contest, which paid tribute to the social app. More>>

Everything you need to know about Discord, the chat app for gamers

Here's what you need to know about Discord, video game-focused voice and chat app that gamers are using to set up games and chat. We'll explain everything, including where to get it and how to create your own server. More>>

The iPhone’s viewfinder might soon let you see both cameras simultaneously

Apple was awarded a new patent that could seriously change how you use the dual-camera sensor on the device. The patent basically describes being able to see streams from both cameras at a time on your phone's screen. More>>

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