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Here at WAFF.com, we love words and text, and we thought this would be the perfect place for us to share our love - and for you to maybe teach us a few things as well! Keep checking back to this page to learn about the background, history and transformation of words you use every day, as well as those you may not be aware of!

Plus, you can have a chance to share your favorite words, too! Each week we'll pick one fan-submitted word. If there's a term, a phrase, an etymon you can't make heads nor tails of, give us a dispatch! Get started by entering your email in the form to the right.

We're making a game out of the words we post here - every so often, you may find a word we use in a story somewhere on WAFF.com. Find one? Let us know on Twitter by hashtagging #WAFFword to us @waff48. We may give you a shout-out!

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