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Rape, Torture and Manhunt

Police say a local woman is recovering after she was raped and tortured by a group of men who were apparently looking for money. 

This is an absolutely shocking case, where a woman who was going to pick up her children from a daycare is forced off the road, kidnapped, then blindfolded, raped, tortured and shot.  E ventually the three masked men took the woman back to a house where they continued assaulting her. They eventually let her go and told her to not go to the police. They threatened her life and her children's.

Decatur Police Chief Joel Gilliam told us, "T his was something that was thought out. It was planned, they had masks, they obviously stalked her or knew where the victim would be." 

The prime suspect in this brutal crime is Keith Hicks. He's considered to be armed and dangerous. He's been in prison before and says he doesn't want to go back. That was the reason the woman was targeted. Investigators believe he thought she knew how to get her hands on the cash he needed to leave town before his hearing on a parole violation. 

Rig ht now, detectives think Hicks may have skipped town and could be in Louisville or Nashville. We're told they are looking at several suspects who could have been the ones who helped him.  Also, police say they may have a car used in the crime. More importantly, the police chief says they need to find Hicks and the other two men before they strike again.

If you know where Keith Adrian Hicks is, call Decatur Police at (256) 432-2136.

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