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On the Right Track?

Some say when you cross the Moontown Road railroad track in Madison County, you're risking your life.

Delinda Yoder drives across it everyday. She says, "It's very dangerous without the crossbars...because there's been lots of deaths."

You can still see the signs of those who died trying to cross here. After two recent deadly crashes here, the state is ready to spend 100 thousand dollars. That will turn this deadly crossing into one with flashing lights and crossing arms. But it will be Christmas before that happens.

Some people who live out here had hoped that in the meantime, a Madison County mower would cut the grass down that blocks the view of drivers. When you pull up to the stop sign at the crossing, it's hard to see. The county mowers had to stop before they could really do any good. That's because the entire section along the railroad tracks belongs to the railroad.

Besides, the county engineer believes this crossing is safe. His name is David Pope. He told us, "As it is right now, it's a safe crossing if people will abide by the rules and that is to stop, look and listen."

Others who cross this set of tracks agree. Christina Martin says, "I think if you look you can see if a train's coming. I don't see how they possibly looked and didn't see the train coming."

The Madison County Commission is expected to sign off on the state's plan for the crossing at its next meeting Friday morning. After that, construction bids will go out. The work should be finished by Christmas time.


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