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Arthur's classmate fighting for DNA testing

By Josh Ault
WAFF 48 News Reporter


The case of death row inmate Tommy Arthur has caused a lot of buzz in the Valley.  One of his former classmates has made it her personal mission to help him.

Mary John Davis, of Atlanta, GA, and her sister, Virginia Webb, of Chattanooga, TN, traveled a long way to uncover the past.  Both women grew up in Sheffield, and graduated from Sheffield High School.  Davis went to high school with Tommy Arthur.  She was a junior and he was a senior.

Mary John Davis, Arthur's classmate, said, "He was on the football team, he dated some of the really pretty girls at school, he was definitely part of the scene."

Davis says she never kept up with his case, until recently.  It was actually just before his latest execution date this summer.  A classmate asked her to look into DNA testing in the case.

"After I did that, I felt like, I just really want to know did he do this?" said Davis.

After some digging, she found out in the state of Alabama there is no law requiring DNA testing for old cases.  Our state is one of 8 that does not have a post conviction DNA testing law.

Davis said, "They should be tested, I think it is really wrong, just plain wrong."

So this weekend she brought her sister to their old stomping grounds to learn more about Arthur. 

She is going through archived newspapers to gain any additional information in her quest. 

She has already written the governor and several legislators. 

Alabama Representative Ronald Grantland is the only lawmaker to respond.

Davis said, "Would you consider sponsoring a law?  He wrote me back and said yes he would consider it."

Davis is still waiting back to hear if anything has happened with Grantland's consideration. 

She hopes our viewers will look closer into the DNA evidence in the Arthur case.

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