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NUCOR town meeting

By Bobby Shuttleworth
WAFF 48 News Reporter



We've seen it before. Manufacturing jobs in Decatur suddenly gone. 

That's what happened to Edd Fuqua.

"TRI-CO, they shut down. I personally was out of work for about two weeks."

He says his main concern was his family.

"I've got 2 children and a wife and how I was going to provide for them and give them the things they needed on a day to day basis?"

He says he took a pay cut with another job.

A year and a half later, Nucor steel, the largest steel producer in North America, bought the facility. And Edd went back to work. 

But NUCOR and other manufacturers feel like they're competing on an uneven, global playing field.

"We've got to focus on our trade laws. And accountability with those. We've got to look at currency practices with other countries. We can not allow pad their currency to the dollar and not let it float and we've got to make sure other countries have responsible environmental regulations...and we have to hold them accountable for that," says NUCOR Decatur Vice President Rex Query.

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