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Albertville's newest engine equipped for aircraft fires

By Trang Do
WAFF 48 Reporter



The Albertville Fire Department is adding a new engine to its fleet, but this truck looks a little different from all the others.

This engine will be used at the airport and its bright yellow color gives it greater visibility on the runways.

Color aside, it's bigger, louder and stronger than your typical fire truck and it's a completely new beast for the Albertville Fire Department.

"It is capable of moving as it pumps," said Captain Roger Lathan, training supervisor for the fire department. "It carries 3,000 gallons of water and 410 gallons of foam. It is capable of releasing that agent within approximately two minutes, so it would be able to control a large fuel fire in a short amount of time."

Lathan is in charge of teaching 39 firefighters how to operate every bell and whistle on the new truck.

"We are just familiarizing the guys with the new apparatus because it is different from our structural apparatus, we have to go over all the different switches, how the pump operates and just all the functions all the different components of the truck."

The truck was bought used from Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona and was a steal at $55,000.

A brand new truck can cost anywhere between $750,000 and $1 million.

Lathan says the truck should be ready for use by next week, but the training will be ongoing.

"The guys have to go through a lot of training on this truck, again it's a little different animal than what they're normally accustomed to, so they get out at least once a month to train with the apparatus." 

With the increases in general and military aviation at the Albertville Regional Airport, the fire department says the new truck was a necessary purchase.

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