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Alabama ski resort ready for cold weather

New Year's Day is traditionally one of the busiest days of the season for Alabama's only ski resort.

Right now, however, there's no snow because it's been too warm.

But if you've stepped outside, you know that's about to change.

The folks at Cloudmont Ski Resort in Mentone plan to take advantage of the dropping temperatures, especially since one of their biggest days of the year was a bust.

"I got my ski gloves on. I was ready. I'll tell you, I got my ski jacket on, layered up with about three layers. I'm ready," said skier Laurie Douglass.

Laurie Douglass of Florida meets her friends at Cloudmont every New Year to ski, but this year there was a change of plans.

"I came here to ski and look, there's no snow," said Douglass.

The phones have been ringing off the hook at Cloudmont Ski Resort with people wanting to know when the white stuff will be ready.

Gary Jones says the answer is simple, but getting the conditions right is out of his hands.

"It has to be below 28 degrees. Just hope for the best is all we can do. That's the way it always is down south," said Jones.

This season they've only been open for business one day, but now it appears that magic temperature will happen again.

Jones is gearing up to work all night spitting snow, not literally, in the freezing weather.

"We're hoping to put down a couple of feet tonight anyways," said Jones.

Before you make the trip to Cloudmont Ski Resort, give them a call to make sure the ski slopes are open or log on to their website at

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