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New development building in east Huntsville

Build it and they will come! That's the attitude developers are taking with a an area of Huntsville that will soon be the next big place to live and shop.

At Highway 72 East and Moores Mill Road, bulldoziers move earth to make way for a multi-million dollar development known as Harris Hills.

When the proposed mall is finished, popular stores like Target, Dick's Sporting Goods, Old Navy and JC Penney will move in.

There will also be a movie theater, ampitheater, park and  twohotels -- along with multi-family communities.

Jim Crumrine, owner of Weichert Realtors, says the area is booming with growth.

"It will look like a city in a city to me," says Crumrine.

Turning farming fields like this one into a money making venture, encouraging more and more families to move east.

Already, high end homes going up one after another in the mouth of the mountain.

Crumrine says as companies and families move to Huntsville, they will have their pick of places to shop and live.

"We expect thousands and thousands of people in the next few years. This area is what we call location, location, location," says Crumrine.

Besides the Harris Hills project and family home development, this map shows where overpasses will be built and an interchage connecting I-565 to High Mountain Road. Improvements made all in the name of progress.

"Its like the perfect place to be," says Crumrine.

Work on the mall development is a little ahead of schedule because workers have had dry weather.

The service road over the mountain should be complete by spring 2009.

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