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Cheerleader try-outs turned ugly

Cheerleader try-outs turned ugly in Dekalb county.

The parents of a Fort Payne High School cheerleader were arrested for allegedly harassing the cheerleading sponsor.

This all has to do with who was selected as head cheerleader and police say 2 parents got out of hand when their daughter wasn't chosen to lead the squad.

Cheerleader tryouts were pumped at Fort Payne High School, but unfortunately not with spirit, but tempers instead.

"Emotions were running high at the time," said principal Ronnie Crabtree. 

Parents Tracie Lynn Eyman and James Robert Eyman allegedly lost control when their daughter didn't get head cheerleader.

"More or less used some profanity and allegedly made threats against the person in charge of selection on cheerleaders," said Chief David Walker.  

Even worse, police say the confrontation happened in front of other students and parents.

"They're taking it too serious," said Walker.

"Sometimes as coaches, sponsors or administrators, we're put in situations where we have to make a tough call and either way we go, someone's going to feel slighted, or feel as though they didn't get a fair shake, but there's a right and wrong way of handling things," said Crabtree.

The Eyman's were charged with harassment.

Crabtree credits a law in Alabama that makes it a specific crime and toughens the penalty for harassing, menacing or assaulting a sports official, including coaches and sponsors.

"It's not going to be tolerated. I support my sponsor on this. And people in this business, we have to feel safe in the performance of our duties," said Crabtree.

We called the Eyman's to get their side of the story.

They said they would love to comment, but their attorney has advised them not to.

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