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Police pursuit ends with man shooting self

Domestic disputes and suicide threats: two service calls law officers dread the most.

One of them, in the Union Grove community in Marshall County, proves why as a valley man winds up in Huntsville Hospital.

His name has not been released.

He's there with a self-inflicted gunshot wound that started with a call of a suicide threat.

Before it ended, sheriff's deputies were dodging bullets.

35 years old, struggling with a potentially fatal gunshot wound and in a race for survival, this victim was a suspect moments earlier when he called the sheriff's department.

"He also stated to the dispatch system that he had a gun and he wasn't afraid to use it," Marshall County Sheriff's Office Captain Ed Teal explains.

Officers responded, taking care, the say, as with any suicide threat.

"It's always a sticky call," Teal says. "It leaves an officer to where he has to go back and rely on all of his training to try and talk that person out, you know, just try to buy some time."

Time they were not allowed.

Before getting to the house in question, the man in question drove past.

Deputies gave chase.

The driver opened fire, even hitting the back fender on a patrol car.

"It's a lot of stress on an officer," Teal says. "The officer's always trying to second guess himself to see if he made the right decision and in this case our officers did make the best decision."

The decision? To not return fire. Not one deputy even pulled his revolver.

Still, back window shot out, back bumper hanging low, a red sedan sits surrounded by yellow tape while a 35-year-old heads to the hospital with, according to authorities, a self-inflicted gunshot wound that ended a police pursuit.

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