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Debate over Alabama's constitution

Does Alabama need a new constitution?

Wednesday, members of a house committee heard passionate arguments on the pros and cons of constitution reform.

A majority yes vote on house bill 109 would allow voters to decide if they want to call a convention to redraft the constitution.

"I'd have to ask in ten years if we amend it another 200 times is it going to be time to rewrite it in another ten years," says John Giles with the Christian Coalition of Alabama. 

Supporters of constitution reform say its 773 Amendments is a racist document, it's too long, and it doesn't give city and county municipalities power to make simple decisions without legislative approval.

Opponents of the effort say it's being led by people who want to raise taxes, expand gambling and restrict property rights.

The committee for now is evenly split on the issue. House members will vote on the bill in the coming weeks.

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