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Riley proposes Aruba boycott on Holloway's behalf

The Natalee Holloway case is back in the spotlight.

She's been missing for months and Alabama's Governor is putting pressure on Aruban investigators.
 It's the latest effort by Natalee's family and the Governor to get answers about what happened to her.

"The investigation, I believe, has been botched. I think Arubans just want it to go away," said Governor Bob Riley on Tuesday.
But it's not going away. Natalee's mother won't let it. Tuesday, she stood solemn beside Governor Riley. He's using his political clout to pressure Dutch and Aruban authorities to push the investigation forward.  

"I think everyone needs to reconsider travel arrangements to Aruba," he said during a press conference.
Travel and tourism make up 75% of Aruba's income. Most of that comes from U.S. travelers. Riley wants to put a kink in those numbers.

Many of you told us you're O.K. with Riley's appeal.

"I definitely agree with his decision," said Yolanda Toney, who said she sympathized with Holloway's family.
"The American people have a right to know what happened to Natalee. If we can pressure them into performing it the way we'd do it here I'm in favor of that as well," said Rich Kretzschmar.
"It's making a goodwill request and not a mandate. People will listen to it because he is the Governor," said Tim Allston.
Like travel agent Susan McDougal, many of you also wonder what kind of impact Riley's request will have.

"If a traveler came in today we would advise him of Governor Riley's boycott. However, if a traveler still wants to go, we will still send them," she said.

Riley says he will send letters to other Governors asking they encourage their residents to support the travel ban.

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