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Cow in Road Causes Accident that Injures 13-year-old Boy

A cow on the loose caused an accident that injured a 13-year-old boy.

It happened on Pleasant Grove Road in Marshall County.  People who live there say cows are often in the middle of the road.

"You drive out in front of a cow, or you even drive past a cow that's on the side of the road, they get scared and they jump out in front of your vehicle," said Ursula Butler.

That's a fear Ursula's had for a while. She was so concerned she called and complained.

Just a few days later, the cows got out again. But, this time someone got hurt...Ursula's son.

"I never dreamed that a week later my child would be in the back seat of somebody else's car and hit one of those the same spot," said Ursula.

13-year-old Hunter Roberts says it was a scary moment.

"It was real dark outside. And the cow was like pitch dark, so we didn't see it until we like actually hit it," said Hunter.

Hunter says they hit the cow, and it was thrown onto the hood and windshield, then was tossed into the air and landed on the road.

"My neck hurts every time I try to turn it, or move it. And my knee hurts practically every time I bend it," said Hunter.

As Hunter hobbles along, his mother is left searching for answers. She wishes there was more authorities could have done to protect her son.

"Some kind of law needs to be made where the farmers are responsible when their cows are out in the road and cause death or injury," said Ursula.

Legally, there's not much law enforcement can do in Alabama if someone's cow gets in the road. But, a negligence law suit could be filed against the cow's owner if someone gets hurt in an accident.

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