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Fyffe UFO Festival set for August

In the late 80's several people in one Valley town claimed to have proof that aliens were in the sky. Now the mayor wants to bring the alien hype back by hosting a UFO festival.

More than 15 years ago, this town only big enough for one traffic light, was all abuzz about more than red devils in the sky.

"It was a pretty crazy thing happening for a little town like this," Fyffe resident, Michael King, says.

The craziness only seen in the movies. Unidentified flying objects filled with aliens. Locals say were right here in Fyffe.

"I've heard quite a few stories about the UFO sightings," Melissa Hildreth says.

Stories the town started forgetting. Now they're bringing them back. Michael King owns a frame shop in downtown Fyffe. He's helping build cardboard cut-outs of all kinds of extra-terrestrial creatures.

"We have a great little town. I just think it needs a little help. And this would be a great thing for it," he says.

King is talking about a Fyffe UFO Days Festival. Where city leaders hope people will be drawn back in by the folklore.

"We're trying to enhance a sense of community that's already here in Fyffe and on Sand Mountain. And we feel this is a great way to do it," event organizer, Melissa Hildreth, says.

But the focus isn't all about aliens. It's about the people invading this town.

"It's all tongue in cheek. UFO actually stands for unforgettable family outings," Melissa says.

UFO days will be held August 19th and 20th. It's free to the public.

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