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Athens Officer Shot On Duty Talks to WAFF 48 News

An Athens police officer shot in the line of duty tells his story to WAFF 48 News.

Two bullets struck Sergeant Brett Constable overnight Saturday when a party in Athens got out of hand.

"We got there, I noticed a guy with a weapon in the middle of the American Legion," recalls Sgt. Constable. "He became agitated, pointed at them, threatened to shoot. I drove up on him, exchanged gunfire between me and the pick-up and him and the roadway."

That's when the two bullets hit Sgt. Constable.

"My ears rang bad. You always hear the old saying about a burning sensation. I felt the burn in my shoulder."

Constable was flown to Huntsville Hospital, bleeding from his wounds and lucky to be alive.

"As they started looking at me, they realized nothing much had happened but a cut on the thumb and a little entrance wound here (pointing at his chest) came out clean," Sgt. Constable says.

He had no idea how dangerous the situation would be when he rolled onto the scene.

"It's the last thing on your mind. You expect in a barricade, something like that. Party you don't expect it," he says.

It happened so fast, Constable said he never had time to but on his bullet resistant vest.

"I've taken a lot of heat from my grandparents, people close to me. It was in the seat behind me in the truck," he says. 

Investigators believe a 9mm bullet hit Constable. They don't know who fired the shot. 

A couple hundred people were at the party. Police have taken their statements but so far none of the witness' accounts have put investigators any closer to the suspect.




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