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Man Falls at Little River Canyon National Park

Views that take your breath away, literally. With three to four hundred thousand visitors a year, accidents will happen.

"There's signs over here that say watch the rocks and don't get too close to the edge and no jumping but you can't stop everybody from doing stop everybody from doing stupid things," canyon visitor John Waggener, said.

And stupid things get people hurt. Saturday Michael Hooker and a friend hiked through the canyon. They followed a marked trail down, but decided to make their own path back up. When Hooker lost his footing he grabbed a tree.

"The tree was old and rotten and unfortunately didn't support him and so he had a fall of about 80 feet," John Bundy, the Park's Superintendent, said.

The park service tries to give plenty of warning. Instead of adding guard rails that take away from the natural beauty of the park, the national park service is offering a class. It's called 13 ways to not die at little river canyon.

"Anything you want to do in the park that's the least bit dangerous you want to be informed about, you want to understand what the risks are," Bundy said.

Hopefully by understanding those risks you can appreciate this little river, without taunting mother nature. Hooker is in critical condition at Huntsville Hospital.

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