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Watch Dog Group to Monitor Local Jail

How safe is the Madison County Jail? An advocacy group hopes to answer that question following the beating death of inmate Ronald Pinchon.

WAFF 48 News Investigative Reporter Georgi Bragg had a phone interview with an attorney from the Atlanta based group called the Southern Center For Human Rights.

While Madison County investigates this tragic incident, the Southern Center conducts their own investigation.

Attorney Lisa Kung explains why she believes the Madison County Jail is not a safe place for inmates. "People can't go outside for fresh air, it's dark, it's decrepit, it needs to be shut down. The physical structure of the place creates stress and makes it a very dangerous place to house people."

So dangerous one man is dead. And Kung is not shocked, "Unfortunately we're not shocked. That structure is so intrinsically dangerous that we've been holding our breath hoping that something like this was not going to happen, but it's not unfortunately shocking that it did."

The jail continues to be monitored, as it has been for the past 10 years. Only now Kung says that monitoring has intesified. "What is most outrageous, is it could've been prevented."

Seargent Paul Yox says the jail is safe. And the incident that took this man's life is not normal behavior. "At times they may have small scuffles or disagreements within the jail but this is an abnormal occurrence. Absolutely abnormal."

The six inmates accused of beating Ronald Pinchon to death have been charged with murder their bond is set at 50,000 dollars each.

A representative with the Southern Center For Human Rights is expected here Friday where they will begin monitoring.

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