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A Special Dedication: The Confused Tooth Fairy

March 10, 2005 1:38 p.m.

They're not all related, but they are all a family.Two sisters who have pretty much adopted a third. Thanks to a book, a dedication, and Leah Seibert's crown.

"The tooth fairy was no stranger.." Kim Dozier reads.

Four books later, the Madison mom still recalls how she stumbled into authorship."I sat down at the computer and started typing and the next thing I knew there was a story."

"It's fun because we get to do the test drive!" exclaims her daughter Ashlyn.

Ashlyn and her sister, Makenna, do more than that. While mom comes up with the story, they create the pictures.

"That one right there!" Leah points to her favorite picture in the latest book, The Confused Tooth Fairy.The story is dedicated to the six-year-old who recently lost her mom.

Kim recalls, "Here her mother had just passed away but even with all that she was still able to smile."

Ashlyn says of her mom, "She dedicated it for a very good reason."

"The book is great to me. It's something we'll always remember and we'll keep it forever," Leah's father, Henry Seibert says.

The books reads, "The tooth fairy used her magic," but it is a magic also found in the lessons of the story. And in the little girl wearing a tiara with a big smile, a book in her hand.

To get your own copy of The Confused Tooth Fairy or other books in Kim Dozier's Royal Series click on the link.

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