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"Meetup" With Similar Views

It's the new buzzword: meetup. What's it mean? A group of people with similar interests who get together to talk, sometimes strategize, and just hang out.

Meetups are held for just about every subject under the sun. One meetup that is capturing people's attention across the country: support for Presidential Candidate Howard Dean.

Wednesday night people in over 600 places will "meetup" to talk about the Vermont Governor's campaign. In Huntsville, Dean supporters will meet at Zesto's on Pratt Avenue at 7pm.

Of course, just like politics it isn't the only focus of "meetups," Dean isn't the only candidate trying to gain the Democratic nomination for president. It's a full field with loads of competition. Only time will tell how much that race heats up.

Time will also tell how long the new trend hangs around. For more on meetups, click on the link below.

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