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Albertville man charged with assault claims to be vampire

GADSDEN, AL (WAFF) - A 20-year-old Albertville man charged with burning a "V" into the face of a teenager told police he believes he is a vampire.

Evan Francis Brown was arrested on a felony warrant for second-degree assault after police say he heated a fork or a spoon on the stove and used it to burn the 17-year-old victim.

"He had burns, cigarette burns, on his face and a large V on his head, that was burned into his head," said Detective Mike Hooks.

He allegedly tied the teen up, tricking him into believing they were playing a game. Police say the teenager also had also been beaten.

Police say Brown told them he went by the name "Vamp," and was the reputed leader of a group of young runaways who called themselves "The Homeless Crew" or T.H.C.

"He was the one that they sort of followed. He was born into the Satanism religion--he called it his religion, I think-- and they sort of followed him," said Det. Hooks.

The group lived at a home on Rosewood Lane in Gadsden, where the alleged attack occurred.

Police got involved when the victim was taken to the hospital. When they searched the home, they found satanic writing on the walls, swords, and filth.

"Also there was some stolen library books, reference about witchcraft. And everything, a lot of writings about witchcraft and Satanism-type stuff," Hooks said.

Though this is an extreme case, Hooks says pop culture may have something to do with teenagers' growing fascination with vampires and the occult.

"They said it's big now maybe because of the Twilight movies or whatever the different things, kids are more into that kind of stuff," said Hooks.

Since this alleged assault came to light, all of the young people living in the house have left and not returned.

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