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Condo owner receives help from BP, encourages others to do the same

By Trang Do - bio | email

GULF SHORES, AL (WAFF) - The BP oil spill is hurting people right here in North Alabama.

Condo owners are having a hard time renting out their beachfront units. A woman has gotten help from BP, and she is encouraging other condo owners to do the same.

Kristn Click has had a several cancellations from customers concerned about the oil spill.

"We have had cancellations of folks going, 'I know it hasn't hit yet, but this is our family vacation and we just can't take that risk,'" said Click.

Click has been renting out her Gulf Shores condo for the past three years. She depends on that rental income to cover the cost of the unit. But the globs of oil now washing up on Alabama beaches is threatening her livelihood.

"We pay everything from the mortgage to the utilities to whatever other expenses we have there. Without that, that would be a huge hit to us," said Click.

When she found out that she could file a claim with BP for her losses, she jumped on it. Click says the process was surprisingly easy and straight forward.

After several phone calls and document faxes, Click got a check in the mail, just two weeks after making that first call.

"I thought we'd be down the line in importance, but it really did seem like they handled it very quickly and very smoothly," said Click.

Click plans to file a claim each month that the oil spill keeps renters away, but she hopes she won't have to do that for much longer.

"All we can hope for is maybe they can get this taken care of and cleaned up. And maybe by next summer during this time of year, it'll just be a bad memory and everybody will be going back to the beach with their kids," said Click.

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