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Alabama man claims his product can help protect against oil spill

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Monday night thick, heavy oil in the Gulf of Mexico looks like raw sewage near the Louisiana coast.

BP is reaching out to fisherman and boaters on the coast to help contain the spill and protect the shorelines. A North Alabama company wants to help too, with a 100% organic product it claims can do the job.

Joe Flood is playing the waiting game.

"We couldn't get anyone on the phone or any assistance and we decided to load up our skimmer slash dredger and just bring it down here with a little of our product to show people what we can do," said Flood.

What Flood says he can do is stop oil if it reaches land from seeping into the ground with a product he has called Sponge Advantage.

"Its made out of citrus pulp its 100% organic that we can pile up and it will hold to the grass and create and eco-friendly barrier to stop deep penetration of the oil into the grasslands because that will be a mess trying to clean that up," said Flood.

The only problem is Flood has not heard back from BP representatives on whether or not they want to use his services.

"Started out about four days ago calling around trying to get in touch with BP in order to come down here and provide our services and product to them," said Flood.

Flood also has brought his skimmer down to Dauphin Island. He has made some headway after meeting with Commissioner Ron Sparks.

"We've worked the phones relentlessly up until we finally ran into Commissioner Sparks who helped us get a meeting with BP the night before last which went well," said Flood. 

But it has not resulted in a contract with the company yet so Flood says he will continue to wait.

"You have to take chances," said Flood. "We're down here to help and we'd be glad to."

Flood says if he does get the go-ahead, it'll take about 72 hours to mobilize the factory that makes the citrus product.

He says he could immediately get 250 thousand pounds of it down to the Gulf Coast.

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