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Tuscumbia mom upset after dog attack

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TUSCUMBIA, AL (WAFF)  A mother is furious after her 14-year-old daughter was attacked by a Pitt Bull.  She wants something done before another child is hurt.

Several kids were walking down Trenholm Memorial Drive in Tuscumbia when a Pitt Bull came towards them.

"The cars were parked here," said Geraldine Thompkins, who witnessed the attack, "The children where on top of the two cars here."

Thompkins first heard screams when she was frying chicken in her kitchen. 

"I saw (the girl) on her back, and the dog lunging at her," said Thompkins.

Thompkins started yelling at the dog and it ran away.  The girl's mother was on the scene shortly after the attack.

"She suffered bites marks," said Joy Simmons, the victim's mother, "Puncture marks on her legs, her arms, her hair was pulled on the side."

The health department is notified whenever a child is treated for a dog bite.  Colbert County Health Department workers contacted the dog's owner, and the dog was put in quarantine.

"I just want pet owners to take more responsibility for their pets," said Simmons, "Especially Pit Bulls, Rottweilers.  The dogs that attack."

"If it had been one of the smaller children," said Thompkins, "The attack would have been worse."

Fortunately for Simmons' daughter, she will be OK.

"She said she's never going back outside," said Simmons.

The dog will be in quarantine for ten days.  Tuscumbia does have a leash law, but since animal control officers did not see the dog loose, the owners will not be penalized.

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