Rescue squad helps people stranded by Town Creek floods

Rescue squad helps people stranded by Town Creek floods

TOWN CREEK, AL (WAFF) - The Lawrence County Rescue Squad was in full force Wednesday. They suited up to help dozens stranded off of County Road 406 by floodwaters.

“Once you’re back can’t get out," one lady described.

Heavy rain led to serious flooding in the area with more than 20 people stuck in their neighborhood with no way in or out.

So, Wednesday, the Lawrence County Rescue Squad rushed out to Town Creek to deliver whatever they needed. “Water, food, some dranks and some bread," Kenny Rutherford, with the Rescue Squad, said.

On each side of the intersection, the water is only a few inches deep. The further into down County Road 406 it gets deeper and deeper. Some people estimate one to two feet before it levels back out.

As for the people stuck in their homes, Rutherford says, "they’re doing good. They’re not in no danger. They just can’t get vehicles out because of the road.”

The Red Banks Volunteer Fire Department called out the rescue squad. Marshelle Billings is a volunteer who helped organize this mission.

“We were in for a disaster and people needed to get out if they could get out...and after it was too late...[I thought] how we could get them some water or food or whatever they need to help them out," Billings said.

People who live in that area tell me flooding isn’t unusual. Though, the deep levels are. “I’ve been here 15 years and I haven’t seen it do this at all. This is the first time, yeah. It’s crazy," Candice Trousdale said.

Rutherford told 48 News the rescue squad will be on standby 24 hours per day in case they are needed. “People need help and somebody has got to help, and we’ll do it," he said.

The Lawrence County Rescue Squad much like the Red Banks fire department is run solely by volunteers. If you would like to donate to them or the flood victims, drop off supplies at the Red Banks Volunteer Fire Station.

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