Decatur considering e-cigarette ban

Decatur considering e-cigarette ban

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Decatur city leaders are looking to possibly ban public use of e-cigarettes.

City leaders are discussing an amendment to the city’s smoking ordinance that includes a possible ban of e-cigarettes at public places.

Paige Bibbee, president of the Decatur City Council said the proposal comes from the city’s legal counsel over research on health concerns of e-cigarettes and a recent advisory from the surgeon general that urges local restrictions.

Bibbee said the amendment would add e-cigarettes to the 2007 smoking ordinance that bans cigarettes and cigars within 10 feet of entrances to public places. She said e-cigarettes are already banned at a number of places across the country, so the city is not trying to break ground with this amendment.

“You can’t do this on airlines. You can’t do this in federal buildings. It’s not like we’ve started this new trend. We are just now seeing that there could possibly, if there are effects that we are not aware of now, potentially, just like smoking, could be a class action suit years from now, that we would be a part of. And to avoid that until we know what those dangers are for e-cigarettes,” Bibbee said.

The Council will vote on the proposed e-cigarette ban on Jan. 22. If passed, the change could take place as early as Jan. 23.

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