Meet some of Alabama’s newest representatives, including the state’s youngest

Meet some of Alabama’s newest representatives

(WAFF) - With all of the election winners here in the Tennessee Valley decided, WAFF 48 News caught up with the youngest sitting representative and a former police officer who is now a lawmaker.

Proncey Robertson has served his community as a Decatur police officer for 24 years and he’s now ready to serve as the newest state representative in the house representing you in District 7. His family and friends packed the Lawrence County Courthouse to watch him get sworn in.

“I don’t claim to be the most educated fellow. I don’t have all the answers by any means, but I certainly believe I have some common sense and I’m going to communicate with my community here in District 7, learn their needs, their desires and go down there are represent them in Montgomery with some common sense,” said Robertson.

Robertson says he doesn’t have any experience as a lawmaker. Today, WAFF 48 News also met another elected congressman who says he’s helped several politicians and he decided now it’s his turn to run, and he won.

“I’ve worked on I believe it’s 13 or 14 campaigns so far and I’ve been very fortunate to have won every single one of them and the most recent, I ran Tab Bowlings campaign for mayor of Decatur and we successfully won with 75 percent of the vote, against an incumbent. With my seat being vacated or seat 4 being vacated and nobody else never having run for office or even held office, I felt like it was a good opportunity for me to throw my name in the hat and just take my chances and it’s just a blessing the voters found favor with me and our message," said Rep. Parker Moore.

Moore replaced Rep. Micky Hammon back in May of this year, and at the age of 29, he’s making history in Alabama.

“I am one of the youngest legislatures down in Montgomery right now. I think I am the youngest sitting legislature,” said Robertson.

Both representatives say they’re grateful for the voters who went to the polls and elected them.

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