“Piggy Back Bandit” arrested in Alabama

Allegedly jumped on Falkville High School football player’s back

Piggy-back bandit arrest

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A 35 year old Washington man was arrested in Alabama after strange behavior at a Falkville High School pep-rally. Sherwin Shayegan allegedly jumped on a high school football player’s back during a pep-rally on October 12th and slipped the player a note. Falkville Police say Shayegan asked the player to read the note later. When the player read the note at home after that night’s game he told his mother who contacted Falkville Police. Falkville Police said the note made several references to the player’s rear-end and contained $20.

Falkville Police began investigating and developed Shayegan as a suspect by posting his picture to social media. Investigators learned that Shayegan had been spotted in the Huntsville area.

More strange behavior had been reported by two Huntsville restaurants according to investigators. Falkville Police learned that Shayegan had taken an Uber from Bridge Street at some point. Investigators then worked with Uber and discovered that an Uber driver had transported Shayegan from the University Drive Wal-Mart to Hoover, Alabama. Falkville Police tell us the Uber driver who transported Shayegan reported that he had been asking people for piggy back rides in that Wal-Mart parking lot.

Falkville Police worked with Hoover Police to locate Shayegan. Falkville Police tell us that Hoover Police had already had multiple run-ins with law enforcement there. Hoover Police helped track down Shayegan and he was arrested. He was booked into the Morgan County Jail Sunday.

Falkville Police tell WAFF 48 News they are looking into other complaints against Shayegan in New Jersey and Washington that may be sexual in nature. Shayegan is charged with misdemeanor harassment but police are looking to upgrade his charges.

Running Shayegan’s name through Google shows years worth of news stories about strange behavior. His antics date back to 2008 according to the associated press. The AP reports that Shayegan frequents high school sporting events and pep rallies where he allegedly offers shoulder massages and requests piggy back rides. He’s gone as far as dressing up in team uniforms.

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