Marshall County Schools superintendent approves then cancels Velcro Pygmies concert fundraiser

Marshall County Schools superintendent approves then cancels Velcro Pygmies concert fundraiser

ASBURY, AL (WAFF) - The Marshall County Schools superintendent is coming under fire from some parents.

Superintendent Cindy Wigley approved a concert more than a month ago as a fundraiser.

Now, she’s cancelling it and some parents are furious, especially since the band was going to play for free.

We’re talking about the rock band the Velcro Pygmies who have been around for nearly 30 years.

The superintendent admits the show will be G-rated for the kids but is concerned students may search the internet and see what she calls R-rated YouTube videos by the band before adult crowds on the weekend.

One parent says that’s a decision for parents and not the superintendent.

He said he’s be happy for his child to see the movie “Dr. Dolittle” with Eddie Murphy but he would not allow his child to see Eddie Murphy’s standup comedy routines.

Asbury is usually very quiet, but nearly two months ago business students began working to make their community rock.

“I thought it would because we’ve never had anything this big at the school and then it would be a great way to get the community involved,” said Asbury student Hailey Cook.

Through the band’s Reach and Teach program, they secured the 80s and 90s cover band, The Velcro Pygmies to play at their school November 5th for free and secured the blessing of the superintendent.

“It got all approved and then we started working on it getting our sponsorships and getting stuff donated to help sell at our fundraiser,” said Cook.

Now students and parents are disheartened that the superintendent now says the show won’t go on with the Velcro Pygmies.

“At first it was approved and I don’t understand where it all went wrong,” said Asbury student Joana Ponce.

Some question why it’s okay for some schools and not theirs. The Reach and Teach program started at Colbert County High, where officials there say it’s been a huge learning experience for the students.

“I took the opportunity to teach them about maintaining an event budget, setting up an event venue, and learning all about the behind the scenes of an actual concert,” said Colbert County High School teacher April Clark.

Clark says the band has played there the last two years and at other schools across the state including Saraland just last week.

“We have never received any negative effects. The students have always been very positively impacted,” said Clark.

The Nov. 5 date in Asbury with the Velcro Pygmies now appears cancelled.

“I wanted that to really happen because I communicated with people I never thought I would talk to,” said Ponce.

Wigley says they’re in the process of securing another band to play.

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