Colbert County Jail inmates file federal lawsuits after assault claims

Three Colbert County Jail inmates are claiming they got assaulted

Lawsuits against Colbert County Jail

COLBERT COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Three Colbert County Jail inmates are claiming they were assaulted because the jail isn’t secure.

They’ve filed lawsuits against Colbert County, Sheriff Frank Williamson, and jail employees.

Attorney Hank Sherrod says his clients were assaulted because there isn't enough separation between inmates classified as violent and non-violent inmates.

Attorney Sherrod says assaults are a problem at the Colbert County Jail. He says some inmates are serving time for committing minor crimes like unpaid tickets and are now sitting next to inmates who may have killed someone. Sherrod says there is currently no separation between the violent and non-violent offenders and that’s why his clients were attacked.

“I think it’s a personal problem of under staffing, a facility problem, and it’s a not caring enough problem,” says Attorney Sherrod.

Sherrod says Peter Capote was charged with capital murder back in April. He says that Capote is one of the inmates responsible for assaulting his clients.

“There’s no excuse for someone to go into jail for a minor crime and to end up like one of my client’s with brain damage. They have serious injuries from being assaulted by a capital murder defendant,” says Sherrod.

Sherrod says fault lies with the county commission. He says the jail is outdated and overcrowded. He says Colbert County commissioners are afraid to tax citizens to pay for a new facility.

Sherrod says he hopes this lawsuit gets the ball rolling on getting a new jail to avoid another inmate getting seriously hurt.

WAFF did reach out to the County Commissioners who say they do not want to comment currently. We will be sure to update you with the latest.

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