Will Alabama ever see a state lottery?

Bringing a lottery to Alabama

(WAFF) - Millions of people across the country were glued to their TV on Friday in hopes that they would become billionaires.

Nobody won Friday’s drawing, meaning the Mega Millions jackpot is now up to $1.6 billion.

The Mega Millions surpassed a record of $1 billion because so many people were trying their luck, even in states like Alabama where there is no lottery. A lot of people are wanting that money to be spent within the state.

WAFF spoke with some politicians to find out if we’ll take a gamble at the lottery.

The lottery debate isn’t new -- and the decision over whether to support it in Montgomery has seemed like more of a gamble than a shot at the Mega Millions. So far, trying to get it has been a loss.

Represenative Mike Ball says those ranged from unclear legislation, varying opinions of where the money should go and more. Based on his experience in office, he believes it could happen.

“It could be a strong possibility that a lottery bill could get through if it was a clean bill and a lottery like it said.” said Ball.

For now, Alabama players will keep traveling across the state line to try their luck.

Democratic candidate for Governor Walt Maddox says he fully supports the lottery.

We’ve reached out Governor Kay Ivey’s team, but have not heard back yet.

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