AL voters to decide rights of unborn vs. right to choose

AL voters to decide rights of unborn vs. right to choose

(WAFF) - Abortion in Alabama has always been a hot button issue, and as you head to the polls in November, state leaders want to hear from you on the matter.

If passed, the amendment will “recognize the sanctity of life, and that the state will not support abortion," according to legal analysts.

While the amendment won’t stop abortions, some hope it will be the first step. The Alabama Policy Institute is a conservative think tank backing the amendment. Part of a statement sent to WAFF 48 News states that they “strongly believe in the dignity of all human beings, born and unborn.” The think tank recognizes Roe V. Wade as the law of the land, but says if it is overturned that “this amendment would require that the state legislature pass pro-life legislation.”

On the other end of that debate, Alabama for Healthy Families and others are working against this amendments passing. “It shouldn’t be a politicians position about what a person can or cannot do with their own body," said Brandon Varner, the organizations communication director.

The Alabama Women’s Center in Huntsville is one of a handful that provide abortions, and the only clinic in the state that performs the procedure up to 20 weeks. They are worried about access and the limitation of the other services they provide.

“I think it’s very unfair to them; it’s an injustice. A lot of the women, like I said, who come to this center they will not have the ability to travel farther distances to get to the states that still have abortion care available," said Dr. Yashica Robinson with the Alabama Women’s Center.

Dr. Robinson told WAFF 48 that many women, of all walks of life, come to the clinic for differing reasons. She also added the clinic performs a number of services outside of abortions.

Legal analysts predict limitation laws will soon follow the amendment, should it be voted upon in November.

No abortion clinic in the state of Alabama receives funding from state or federal agencies, according to medical professionals.

If the high court overturns Roe v Wade, it will still be up the state legislature whether to ban abortions altogether.

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