Man admits shooting Albertville bear, officials say

Man admits shooting Albertville bear, officials say

ALBERTVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Alabama Game & Fish officials say a bear seen around Albertville appears to have been shot.

It happened Monday when the officers were called to an area just outside of Albertville in the Horton Community.

Wildlife officers say there haven’t been any bear sightings Tuesday.

And they don’t know the extent of the bear’s injuries.

“I had earlier heard a gunshot from that direction. I got a bad feeling. I first thought of the bear,” said neighbor Cherry Pledger.

Pledger’s instincts may well have been correct.

Wildlife officers showed up near her house Monday morning after a man reported he shot a bear. Pledger says she was told by neighbors that the bear was attacking the man’s chickens.

“I hate it came to this. We were all in this community wanting a good outcome for the bear,” said Pledger.

Whether the bear is alive or dead is unknown. Wildlife officers arrived to the area of Highpoint Road where the incident took place. They found a short trail of blood, but an extensive search for the bear came up empty.

“I just think the whole thing is sad. I think the man that shot him probably feels bad about it because he’s an animal lover,” said Pledger.

Some neighbors nearby were familiar with the bear in the area but not of the shooting. But people know the best thing that can happen now is for there to be another bear sighting.

“If he’s around here we’ll be looking for him because I hate to see anything happen to him,” said neighbor Becky Pence.

At this time wildlife officers say the shooting remains under investigation and no charges have been filed as of now.

And another thing to mention, if you see the bear, don’t approach it. An injured animal can be much more dangerous than an animal in good health.

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