Lawrence County animal shelter says they’re not euthanizing dogs

Lawrence County denies allegations of pending animal killings

Lawrence County animal shelter says they’re not euthanizing dogs

MOULTON, AL (WAFF) - The Lawrence County animal shelter is setting the record straight this Tuesday.

After several accusations flew around Monday evening that the shelter was euthanizing its animals, the shelter is quickly denying this.

“We don’t even have the equipment for it," said Lawrence County District Four County Commissioner Bobby Burch.

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Burch said Alabama state law requires every county to have an animal shelter. Lawrence County used to have ties with local shelters in the area, however, those have since been severed.

“In the past, we’ve always contracted with others, and that is no longer working and they’ve expressed that. So, the local grant was able to help us build this, and you know it’s not perfect,” expressed Burch.

Funding is the main source of the issue for the animal shelter. Burch said they barely have the funds to hire a new animal control supervisor after an employee unexpectedly quit.

The shelter has been operating since July.

“It’s not fancy, but it meets our needs and we have to be stewards of the county’s money. We’re not going to be overspending, especially with the financial situation we’ve faced over the years,” Burch continued.

Again, Burch said the real issue here is with funding, or the lack thereof. They’re just trying to get by with the resources they have now, but that doesn’t mean they’re killing dogs.

“There are dogs that have been here for more than seven days,” Burch said.

Per Alabama State Law, it is legal to euthanize an animal after seven days of it being in the shelter.

“If a dog can find a home and has a good temperament and is healthy, the rescues and the individuals, we will find a home for that dog. It’s unfortunate that some dogs are aggressive toward other dogs, toward people and toward food and some dogs aren’t healthy. These dogs are the animals that sometimes people don’t want, and when that happens we’ll be forced to make a decision,” Burch continued.

The Lawrence County Animal Rescue is looking to reunite lost dogs with their families and are looking for people to adopt animals. They are also looking to find volunteers for the shelter itself. For more information call the Lawrence County Commission at 256-974-0663.

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