Hurricanes impacting construction in north Alabama

Hurricanes impacting construction in north Alabama

(WAFF) - Construction and trade jobs have been in high demand here in the Tennessee Valley for quite a while, but the shortage is even worse because of the recent hurricanes.

The president and CEO of Compass Homes says Hurricane Florence and most recently Hurricane Michael have damaged hundreds of thousands of homes.

Hard hit areas in Florida and the Carolinas need construction crews and it’s hard for people impacted to negotiate on prices so construction workers can make more money if they leave the Tennessee Valley.

If construction workers head south, experts say projects in north Alabama, like building homes, will take longer to complete and the supplies, specifically wood will cost more money.

As a result, companies will pass the price hike on to you the customer.

"We anticipate that we'll lose some labor locally despite the fact there is a lot of work to be done here. We anticipate that there will be a lot of labor that will leave and go to some of those area’s simply because the pay is going to be greater there," said Ryan Lindow.

The median age of a construction worker is 41 years old. Lindow says the shortage is the result of more people going to college and a decrease in trade and skilled labor, and he says we all might pay the price.

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