Huntsville man uses GPS to find stolen vehicle

Huntsville man uses GPS to find stolen vehicle

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - 2 o’clock on Monday, while most of you were sleeping, a Huntsville business owner was on a mission to find his stolen work vehicle.

Members of law enforcement are still looking for the suspect, but the stolen vehicle has been recovered thanks to a GPS tracking device on the vehicle that the owner was able to locate using an app on his phone.

The vehicle was stolen from Don Kennedy and Sons House Moving, in Huntsville. Sheriff’s deputies say the vehicle was located on Oakwood Road. Here’s a twist, near the same location the stolen business vehicle was found, law enforcement also found two other stolen cars.

“He started tracking the vehicle with his GPS. It was in the area of this house, by the time he actually caught up to it, it was a little further away from the house. The person ran and our deputies responded. He gave the description of the person that ran,” said Lt. Donny Shaw.

“I was getting ready to leave early in the morning to get some medicine, I wasn’t feeling well, and I got a notification on my phone saying there was some unauthorized usage of a company vehicle, so I tracked the vehicle, went down Oakwood Road,” said Andrew Hale.

Hale says the GPS tracking device is placed on each company truck and it’s hooked-up to monitor not only the vehicles location, but also the speed they travel. If you’re worried about someone stealing your vehicle he says the Linx-Up GPS tracking device is something you should consider.

“Our company, we pay $150 a month for 4 trackers on our trucks and you can track it through online, the website, you can track it on a mobile device, you can get notifications sent to your phone, emails and text messages. It’s very quick and easy,” said Hale.

Huntsville man gets stolen vehicle back

All of the GPS tracking devices were originally placed on the company vehicles to be able to monitor and make sure all of the employees were at their job sites, but the owners and the employees that I spoke with say the GPS tracking device came come pretty handy when it came to locating the stolen vehicle.

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