Attorney for Guntersville murder victims says families are frustrated with pardon and parole

Attorney for Guntersville murder victims says families are frustrated with pardon and parole

GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Alabama’s governor has placed a moratorium on early release of dangerous state inmates. A triple murder in Guntersville is one reason why. Early parolee Jimmy O’Neal Spencer is charged with killing of Martha Reliford, Marie Martin, and Martin’s 7-year-old grandson, Colton Lee.

Tommy James did get to meet with representatives of the governor’s office and attorney general. He says there’s a lot of frustration out there over this.

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The Guntersville triple murder is having an impact on just how dangerous parolees are now being dealt with.

James is representing the families of the victims for which Spencer is now charged. James says he believes the governor and attorney general are well aware of the problem that, he says, has been going on well before Spencer. James says the governor appears frustrated and he says his client’s are frustrated.

James says there are a lot of committees who have looked at such parole requests before the board sees them and to him that means there’s a lot of people not doing their job. James questions if this issue can be resolved in the short time frame the governor is requesting.

“My clients are frustrated just as the governor is frustrated. She didn’t get the answers she wanted. We’re not getting answers we want. It confirms everything we’ve been saying all along about the lapses at the different levels of Spencer’s release and my clients want the state to take responsibility for this and them to be held accountable for their loss of lives,” said James.

James also questions about the parole board looking at themselves to investigate this. He wonders if another agency shouldn’t be the ones doing that.

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